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Just like any other appliances, ice makers are prone to technical hitches. It is frustrating to expect something cold from your ice maker on a sunny day only to find your appliance has failed. Failure of ice makers to make ice is one of the major problems that is associated with ice makers machines. This is due to various technical hitches that occur in their daily operation. Worry no more because we provide repair services for ice maker and other appliances either home-based or commercial. We are geographically located at Malibu but we repair appliances anywhere anytime. Quality service to our clients is our number one strength.

Don’t Throw Away Your Appliance, Call Us!

Most people dispose their ice makers after they get broken that is; when they stop functioning or are not functioning properly. Making a call for our services is a solution for you not to dispose your ice maker. This is because we respond to every call we receive appropriately and you are guaranteed of our technical support as soon as possible. Our experts in Malibu Appliance Pros do their work professionally observing the ethics. The technician first diagnoses your appliance and analyses the whole problem together with its solution. This is then explained to you in details followed by the repair with your consent.

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An ice maker has a water supply line that takes water to the water fill valve. This is controlled by a thermostat in the ice-maker. Water from the fill valve is sent to the ice mold through a tube where it freezes. The thermostat controls the water supply. It then warms the cubes slightly to release from the mold. The ice ejection arm is then rotated by a motor where the cubes are pushed to the collection bin. In case the collection bin is full, the ice raises a ball wire that shuts the maker off. This process continues as long as the machine is functioning effectively. This is how the ice makers work. Therefore in case of a hitch in one component of the ice maker such as the thermostat, call for immediate support.

Ensuring Your Appliance Is In-Tact

There are some measures you can take when your ice maker fails. Checking if the fill tube is frozen is a crucial activity. You should also ensure that the ball wire is in the down position and make sure the water supply line is ok. Ensure the mold is not full with ice. The solenoid may fail to receive power which automatically causes a malfunction of the ice maker hence it is advisable to check the solenoid. The tap valve when not in order may affect the ice maker thus you should check it together with the water line that enters the back of the maker. Following these measures will help you know what is wrong with your maker hence you will be able to make an informed decision when requesting for repair services. Don’t hesitate calling us because we provide genuine services. In case you have a couple of kitchen appliances that have broken down we provide a variety of repair services for different appliances.

Check the following parts and areas in your Ice Maker for any problems:

  • Fill Tubes
  • Ball Wires
  • Water Supply Line
  • Solenoid
  • Tap Valve

We have 15+ Years of Experience

Our experts have an experience in the world of dealing with appliances so they are competent on providing repair services. You can trust us since your place will be left untouched as it was and as clean as it was. We also keep time in that we come in time and work within a precise timeframe thus if you have visitors you plan to make ice for and the maker is broken you can count on us. We value your appliances because we understand how much your appliance means to you service wise. Our services are pocket friendly and we do not over charge.

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We are proficient in provision of repair services on AC, freezer, dryer, washer, oven, cooktop, and more other appliances. Therefore incase you experience a break down in your appliance at home, do not worry because we can fix it. We do all repairs either major or minor. Also we repair all types and models of ice makers. We have experts who are all rounded in that they are disciplined and respectful with quality customer care services. We value your appliances that’s why you can count on us.

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